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Quotes About Les Kotzer

“Les Kotzer is a regular guest of The Nightside on Newstalk 1010. Not only is Les ‘the’ authority when it comes to wills, he is also very entertaining and compassionate, and our listeners love him. The phones never stop ringing when Les is on!”
– Barb DiGiulio
– Host of The Nightside
CFRB radio The Nightside, CFRB radio

“When he’s not working to settle family feuds for his clients, lawyer Les Kotzer writes songs about them, and his CD is getting airplay from Toronto to San Francisco.”

“Kotzer’s approach is to arm members of the family with as much information as possible about the estate process so they know how to negotiate.”
-Associated Press

“Wills lawyer Les Kotzer is the guru of wills.”
Dale Goldhawk – Goldhawk Fights Back For You
AM 740 Zoomer Radio

“Where there’s a Will there’s always a Les Kotzer.”
-Dana Pugliese – Host on Breakfast Television CITY TV.

“The Wills Lawyers is a must read. It is more than a book. It is an education. Barry Fish and Les Kotzer have done a masterful job of telling powerful stories that should serve to remind us how important it is to know what you are doing when you prepare your will. It is their best book so far!”
-John F. Rothmann
Radio Talk Show Host and political analyst on KKSF 910 A.M. in San Francisco

We are very proud that Readers’ Digest excerpted a chapter from our book in the October 2015 issue.
Les is also a professional songwriter. One of his songs ‘These Are Our Heroes’ was part of a documentary that won the gold medal at the 2007 Houston Film Festival. Another of his songs ‘Photos In a Drawer’ has also made it to radio. 


Lyrics by Les Kotzer, music and vocals by Lewis Manne.
Complimentary Will and Power of Attorney seminar.

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