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The Importance of Having a Will

Without a proper Will:

  • Ontario law decides who gets the things you worked so hard for.
  • There’s no guardian appointed for your minor children.
  • Disabled beneficiaries may lose their government benefits.
  • There’s no protection for your children’s inheritance in case they separate or divorce.
  • If you are separated, your separated spouse may inherit from your estate.
  • Your children will get their inheritance at the age of 18 regardless of their level of maturity.
    Until that time, the government will be in control of their inheritance.
    If your children require funds for their education, medical care, etc. an expensive court application may be required.



If you used a will kit to create your existing will, beware! Heed the warnings on one of the popular Will kits:

  1. “Accordingly, none of the author, publisher or other marketing or distribution agents are able to warrant the validity of a Will made by you using this kit.”
  2. Some Will kits are prepared outside of Ontario and may not reflect Ontario law.


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