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Having a proper Will in place and your Estate in order is very important

Let the Wills Lawyers at Fish and Associates help you….

Thinking about what will happen on one’s death is not something that anybody wishes to think about. Procrastinating and putting off making a Will is very easy to do. In fact, most people are guilty of exactly this. Making your Will gives you the chance to put your affairs in order, make sure your loved ones get those treasured items you want them to have and avoid any confusion about your wishes after you die. At Fish and Associates we do our best to make this uncomfortable task less stressful. We have been serving individuals and families in need of wills, estates and probate services for more than 40 years. Barry Fish started Fish & Associates in 1973 and has been performing will services, free will consultations and free will reviews ever since. Our offices are located at 7951 Yonge St. Thornhill, Ontario (north of Steeles Ave. and south of Hwy. 7) in a lovely Century house. We have a comfortable waiting area, a board room for large families or groups and our parking lot is spacious and easy to access. Contact us Today for your Will Appointment and complete the task in a relaxed, casual atmosphere at Fish & Associates.


If you used a will kit to create your existing will, beware! Heed the warnings on one of the popular Will kits:

  1. “Accordingly, none of the author, publisher or other marketing or distribution agents are able to warrant the validity of a Will made by you using this kit.”
  2. Some Will kits are prepared outside of Ontario and may not reflect Ontario law.

Setting up your will appointment with The Law Firm of Fish and Associates is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

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3.  Email leskotzer@familyfight.com

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